Friday, November 30, 2007

Lint! Argh!

I finally made it home from the road after about 6 weeks or so.

I decided to wash the black hat that I had knit recently. I put it in the machine all by it's lonesome. I put it through a wash and then a dry. It came out covered with lint! Argh!

How the hell am I going to get all this lint off the hat? It would take forever to pick it all off by hand. Surely there must be a way to do this?

Maybe I'll just have to trash it and knit another one. Sigh.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Restarting Black Palindrome Scarf

Now that I have finished and delivered Melissa's hat I have cast on the black Palindrome Scarf I frogged a while back.

I'll have some time this weekend to get a decent start on it before having to hit the road again.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Finished Melissa's Hat

As I am holed up in a hotel in WI I had some time to finish Melissa's hat. It has a rough look to it, which is deliberate as it is supposed to go with her corduroy coat.

I had hoped to be able to wash it so that that the stitches would be all nice and even as washing tends to do, as well as have it shrink a little to give a better fit. I'll just have to instruct her as to what to do.

I'll pop in and give it to her later this afternoon. I hope she'll like it.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Still Working

I'm still working on Melissa's hat. I've been pretty busy on the road so haven't had a lot of knitting time. I shut down in Missoula, MT tonight and spent a little time sitting in the casino enjoying a few adult beverages and knitting on the hat.

I managed to do a few rows before conversations intruded and made it hard to knit and chat at the same time. One woman told me that she found men who are willing to do their own thing, like knitting, very sexy. That was cool but I'd hardly find that a reason to invite AIDS or some other social disease.

I chatted with her a while and gradually let her know I wasn't interested. She eventually wandered away.

As I am heading back to WI I am trying to get Melissa's hat finished before I get there.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

A Little Down Time

Snoqualmie Pass was closed to oversized loads yesterday so I was stuck until they opened it back up. I checked into a motel and spent some of my down time working on Melissa's hat.

It's coming along ok and I may not frog it after all. I'm still undecided but am a little happier with it now. I am hoping to finish it in the next few days so I can have it ready for her when I get back to WI.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Not Happy With The Hat

I've been working on Melissa's hat but so far am not really happy with it. The Homespun yarn is a bear to work with, and the hat just doesn't look all that good to me.

I'll work on it a little more before I decided if I'll finish it this way or frog it and start over again. I suspect I'll probably wind up frogging it.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Another Hat

I started a hat for a bartender I know. She saw the last hat I made and asked if I could make her one that would compliment her coat.

I'm using Lion Brand Homespun in the Sierra colorway to make it. This is the first and probably last time I use the Homespun. This stuff is very hard to work with.