Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knitting Bigots!

I accidentally walked into a bar in El Paso the other day and the bartender told me I couldn't carry a backpack into the place.

Huh? This was my little knitting pack. A one strap, small, day pack. I always carry my WIP in this pack.

We "discussed" it for a couple of minutes with me at one point explaining to her what was in the pack and offering to allow her to inspect it. She declined and told me that I would have to leave the pack outside the door.

No way! I was not going to leave my pack, which contained my WIP as well as my entire set of Options outside the door, in the rain, for someone to steal.

Besides, I wanted to work on my WIP while enjoying a cold beer.

End of story, I told her where she could step off and I returned to my truck to watch a DVD and work on my WIP. To heck with her and her crappy little bar.

I just left a much nicer crappy little bar in MO where they not only didn't object to my pack but expressed a lot of interest in my WIP.

One guy asked me if I was knitting (well obviously I was) and said it was cool and that I was too big to say anything else even if he didn't think it was cool.

I ain't spending any time in any place that doesn't allow me to knit. To heck with them, I can spend my money elsewhere.