Thursday, October 16, 2008

Knitting Bigots!

I accidentally walked into a bar in El Paso the other day and the bartender told me I couldn't carry a backpack into the place.

Huh? This was my little knitting pack. A one strap, small, day pack. I always carry my WIP in this pack.

We "discussed" it for a couple of minutes with me at one point explaining to her what was in the pack and offering to allow her to inspect it. She declined and told me that I would have to leave the pack outside the door.

No way! I was not going to leave my pack, which contained my WIP as well as my entire set of Options outside the door, in the rain, for someone to steal.

Besides, I wanted to work on my WIP while enjoying a cold beer.

End of story, I told her where she could step off and I returned to my truck to watch a DVD and work on my WIP. To heck with her and her crappy little bar.

I just left a much nicer crappy little bar in MO where they not only didn't object to my pack but expressed a lot of interest in my WIP.

One guy asked me if I was knitting (well obviously I was) and said it was cool and that I was too big to say anything else even if he didn't think it was cool.

I ain't spending any time in any place that doesn't allow me to knit. To heck with them, I can spend my money elsewhere.


micah said...

Right on man!

El Paso is a long way from MO!!! You were really making some tracks!

Kath said...

That is just craziness. I've never heard of a bar requiring you to leave backpacks outside the door. Forgive the comparison, but it's like asking a woman to leave her purse outside the door! Even if maybe the place had a history of people bringing in weapons or drugs or something else bad - once you offered to let her inspect the pack she should have taken you up on it and let the matter end there. Sheesh!

Knitting Rose said...

What dufus' - they think you are going to take a beer out with you? What about girls - can they carry in their purses? She probably thought you were carrying something far worse and didn't like to be proven wrong. I don't blame you ONE bit for not staying there. NOT ONE BIT.

Knitting Guy said...

Thanks folks, I thought it was pretty stupid to expect me to leave it outside to be stolen.

Ruth said...

I came across your blogg on Ravelry and just had to say I really liked your sweater. Love the colour. And I think it is pretty impressive that you knit at all.

You should have asked that girl in the bar if she would leave her handbag outside. Some people!

Knitting Guy said...