Saturday, December 1, 2007

Home Again

After over six weeks on the road I finally made it home again yesterday. It feels good to be home again.

As I have yet to go buy groceries (going today) I just ordered a pizza for dinner last night. When the delivery driver arrived he handed me one of those rubber thingies you use to open tight jar lids. It has the Papa Johns logo on it and they had written a few specials on the reverse side.

That was quite cool. I use one of those things to grip my Options needles when tightening the cable and mine was starting to wear out and come apart. I had planned on buying a new one while shopping today. The Papa Johns one went straight into my knitting bag. :D

I'll be doing my shopping a little later today and then spend the rest of my home time just relaxing and working on my knitting. I have the black Palindrome scarf to work on and plan to start another scarf for a friend in Virginia who asked me to make one for her.

Hopefully I can make enough progress on hers to have it ready before Christmas, but am not holding my breath on that. I've already let her know that it may not be ready by then.


Jerry said...

How do you like the Options needles? I just ordered the harmony set about a month ago and love them! Thinking of buying the Options too-this from a guy who never liked circs before.

Knitting Guy said...

I think they're great. They're pretty much the only thing I knit with since I bought them.

Pamela said...

I tried one of my mom's options needles, but didn't like them too much. I thought they were kind of heavy, she loves them though. I am still a die hard addi user.

Knitting Guy said...

Well I suppose that's why they make choices. I really like them but have heard some complain about them being too slick.

Heartsapocolypse said...

Nothing like free knitting notions delivered with your pizza!

Knitting Guy said...

LOL no doubt.