Sunday, March 2, 2008


After being couped up in this hotel all week yesterday I decided to take a cab and visit a LYS. While their selection wasn't all that great the ladies were nice and I spent about an hour there just chatting with them. They don't get too many men in there and I think the novelty was fun for them as they didn't seem to want to let me leave.

I did find a one pound ball of sport weight alpaca yarn in a dark charcoal gray color and bought that. At $42 + tax it seemed a bit high to me but it's a very nice feeling yarn. Now I just have to decided what to make with it.


iwouldratherbeknitting said...

I think a wonderful 'celtic cable' scarf.. like I posted to you in KH once.. would be wonderful in this yarn. Just make sure you add a garter stitch or a seed stitch border.. so, it won't curl inward.. and keep everyone from seeing the amazing cables.

Knitting Guy said...

Thanks. I decided on making a vest with this yarn.